Cucina Calabrese & the Art of Slow Living

There is a wonderful calm that overcomes me when I’m cooking. This is my moment of slow living, an art I feel that we should all embrace in our lives and something that our grandparents knew and understood.

Being in the moment, finding balance & achieving a life with intention & mindfulness.

In my busy life, one movement I have stayed true to and making a conscious effort to appreciate is slow food. From farm to table, lake to plate, field to fork, slow food encompasses a balance between growing and harvesting organic seasonal foods, the preservation of traditional and regional cuisine, creating food with love and eating as a family. Something that we can achieve in our lives if we allow ourselves to embrace it—whether it be daily, weekly or monthly—slow food is good for the mind, body & soul.

I hope to take you on a food journey throughout Calabria and its various regions. To step back in time perhaps to a memory of your Nonna lovingly preparing meals by hand, to a recipe lost, a technique forgotten, or simply a new experience of an ancient art—Food made by hand, from scratch, using simple fresh ingredients.