UniSA Research & Innovation Clusters

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UniSA clusters, established around key themes, conduct a variety of unique forums for information sharing and for driving new knowledge, including public seminars, symposia, workshops, and round-table conferences focussed on developing collaborative research projects that can inform public policy and practice. These all include valuable networking opportunities with other business leaders and practitioners, and academics from a wide range of disciplines sharing a common interest.

Sono Advertising provides Advertising & Design services to the following six Research and Innovation Clusters:

  •   Healthy Kids Cluster
  •   Human Rights and Security Cluster
  •   Research in Regions Cluster
  •   Art and Design of Health and Wellbeing Cluster
  •   Zero Waste SA Research Centre for Sustainable Design and Behaviour (sd+b)
  •   Healthy Development Adelaide (a statewide cluster managed by the University of Adelaide)